I work as a Software Engineer, with a focus on software running on Linux, using C with experience in other programming languages such as Python, Lua, Go...

Currently, I work for Greenbone Networks as one of the main developers of OpenVAS vulnerability scanner. Before that, I worked on the Nmap Security Scanner, as part of the Google Summer of Code program.

Some other contributions to Open Source projects could be found on my OpenHub account.

I hold a Computer Science Engineering degree from ESI college in Algiers, Algeria. During my last year in college, I have led the OWASP Algeria Student Chapter and was the founder and main organizer of the BSides Algiers 2012 Security B-Sides event.

Outside of tech, my hobbies include photography, outdoor hiking and camping, strength training, reading books related to various topics (Politics, economics, philosophy, history...)

You can reach me on: hani@linux.com